Sunday, November 4, 2012


Pepper stepped out into the bright sunlight. People would say that it’s the same sunlight shines on the inside of present is on the outside. But Pepper knows that this isn’t true. The sun can be tainted just as the air we breathe can be.
A horn blew and for a moment he disregarded it as he took in the sights around him. Five years, but nothing had really changed; the city still looked like the city. His trained eyes caught two crimes occurring within blocks of the prison; someone copping drugs, someone trying to sell pussy.

He hurried down the concrete stairs and Connie climbed out of a Lincoln Town car. Hmmm, he must be driving big Don's car. Pepper new Donnie prefer the sports year models.

“Yo, Bro!” Donnie hugged him affectionately. “Damn, man! You put on some muscle.” Pepper thought that Donnie had also put on something—fat.

“Not much to do in prison but lift,” He said. This wasn’t quite the truth…there’s actually quite a lot to do in prison. But these thoughts he kept to himself.

“Come on, get in my man. My father wants to see you.”  Pepper’s eyes flickered briefly. Co Donnie was back to the ‘my father’ bullshit again. Before Pepper went to the joint Donnie was talking, ‘our father.’

Unlikely brothers they made. Donnie was German through and through; from his curly red hair, gray eyes and freckles. He’d always been thick and stout…he was just plain fat now. Even though Donnie stood just under 6 feet and was built like a football player, there was something soft about him. Maybe it was his daddy’s money. Donnie played with the hustlers and criminals and that was the distinct difference between Donnie and Pepper.

The fact that Pepper actually did come from the streets and hustling had been ingrained into his very DNA was not the only differences the two half brothers had. Pepper Pace stood six feet three. He’d always been well built but after his prison stint was cut and chiseled. Unlike Donnie, his Latin and African American heritage masked any of the ‘white’ blood that his father had contributed. He didn’t look anything like Big Don; but he knew that the gangster was his father. And more importantly, the gangster knew it too.

He got into the car and look at Donnie. “Big Don’s car?”

“No, yours.” Donnie said, a brief shadow crossing his face. Pepper noted the look and filed it away. He inhaled the smell of the new leather and then he chuckled humorlessly.

“What?” Donnie asked.

“How’s everything?” Pepper said ignoring the question.


“Okay, just you. What have you been up to?”

Donnie frowned. “Daddy gave me Nigger-town to handle. Fuckin’ hate dealing with those bad-ass wannabees!”

Pepper’s brow rose in surprise. The neighborhood he was referring to was, in fact, full of bad-asses. However  the only wannabe, as Pepper saw it, was Donnie. Of course he couldn’t hang with that crowd—the fat pampered Daddy’s boy thought of his clients as niggers and they knew it.

“How’s Big Don?” Pepper asked.

Donnie took his eyes from the road briefly to look at Pepper. “Same-old, same-old. He’s still a muatha fucker.” Donnie lit a cigarette and offered on to Pepper who declined.

“You quit this shit?” Donnie asked, surprised.

“Yeah. I haven’t smoked in two or three years.”

“Pepper…” Donnie chewed his lip. “I’m sorry I didn’t visit you, man. I meant to keep money on your books but shit-”

Pepper looked at his brother surprised. “We’re not fucking, Donnie. Big Don sent me money. That’s all that matters.”

Donnie gave him a guilty look that he quickly masked. “Speaking of fucking, did you get a lot in prison?” They both laughed.

“Not a lot, but enough,” Pepper responded good-naturedly. Donnie gave him a quick look to see if he was serious—just like Pepper knew he would.

“Well…you ain’t gotta worry about that shit no more. I got some bitches lined up for you!” He laughed lewdly.

Pepper looked at him. “You know what I want?”

Donnie looked at him hesitantly. “A Catholic school boy?”

Pepper closed his eyes and shook his head trying not to smile. He had missed the little prick. “No Donnie…jeez. I want a big ass steak from Ruth’s Chris; a six pack of beer and then a feather top bed to sleep in tonight. Then…maybe a woman with a body and face like Serena Williams.

Donnie scowled. “Your priorities are fucked, Pepper.” He tossed his cigarette out of the window. “You know, The Family has you set. Daddy has a job for you. You have a place to lay your head, money, car. We appreciate you doing time for The Family.  I mean it…” He looked at Pepper who appeared to be ignoring him. “Well, Daddy will go into all of that.”


Donald “Big Don” Schrege lived in a very suburban neighborhood. Although he had the biggest and best house and car on the block, he actually chose to live a modest life. His neighbors had no idea that he had accumulated the wealth to live life like royalty. That he chose to stay close to his own roots is what set him apart from many others in the criminal underworld.

Big Don kept a low profile. He mowed his own grass Saturday mornings in the big ride-on mower. He took his wife to a nice mid-priced seafood restaurant every Friday night and went to his kid’s open house at school—those kids that he actually acknowledged.

But Big Don also had another side. He was the head of a lucrative crime family. His crime family put drugs out on the streets, prostitutes or corners, and ran numbers; the latter had been Donnie’s job. Big Don also Solved Problems and this had been Pepper’s job. Pepper Pace was his father’s hit man.

Donnie pulled the car up into the long drive-way of Big Don’s very suburban house. The two men entered the house without knocking. “Daddy?!” Donnie yelled. “We’re back.” Pepper closed the door behind them. A ten or eleven year old girl appeared at the top of the stairs. Her eyes lit up and she squealed in the way that young girls did.

“Pepper!” She yelled as she hurried down the stairs and past Donnie, jumping straight into Pepper’s arms.

Pepper smiled in surprise. “No way…Diana? My God, you’re a teenager.” She giggled happily.

“Hi Diana.” Donnie said sarcastically. She turned to him and stuck her tongue out at him in a very bratty way.

“Why I oughta-” Donnie said approaching her menacingly.  She squealed in real fear but then Big Don entered the room.

“Diana. I thought you went to the mall with your mother.”

“I didn’t want to go, Daddy.”

“Well we have grown people business to discuss so go back upstairs or go out and play.”

“Yes, sir.” She gave Pepper a brief hug. “Bye Pepper!” She ignored Donnie and skipped back up the stairs.

Pepper heard him mumble something that sounded like fucking bitch and it alarmed him. 

“Pepper!” Don greeted, eying him. “You look good, son.” Son used in the most generic form, Pepper assumed, since Don had never acknowledged their father/son connection. Don took Pepper’s outstretched hand and pulled him into a genuinely affectionate hug.

Pepper’s mood darkened but he remained silent and accepted the affectionate show despite the fact that it angered him. This man wants to hug him but had never visited him, phoned him, or written him in the past five years that he’d been doing time for ‘The Family’.

Which is not to say that Big Don hadn’t given him anything. He had given Pepper his reputation to take to prison with him. And in the scheme of things, it was the best gift that the old man could have given.

“You look good, son.” Don said, unable to his pride. Donnie shuffled somewhere behind them.

“He bulked up, didn’t he Daddy?”

Big Don ignored him. “Come into my office, lets talk.”

They went into a large room, comfortably but not opulently furnished.

Big Don just gestured for Pepper to sit in one of the leather bound chairs facing a large desk. Big Don set down behind the desk. He put on some spectacles and reached into a drawer for items that he lay on the desktop.

Pepper watched silently. Donnie paced back and forth.

“I've been holding some things for you Pepper.” He handed him a checkbook. “No one knows about this account. It’s totally off the grid.” Pepper looked at the register. $50,000. He raised his brow.” Don slid to him a large envelope. “Deed to your house,” he said when Pepper examined the contents. “Nothing extravagant; just a nice little house.”

“I wanted to decorate it for you, but Daddy wouldn’t let me.” Donnie said excitedly.

Big Don acknowledged him for the first time. “If Pepper wants to live in a fucking brothel than he’ll ask you to decorate for him.” He turned his attention back to Pepper. “My wife decorated it.”

Pepper took a set of keys out of the envelope. “Don…thank you.” He hadn’t expected any of this.

Donnie reached into his pocket and pulled out the car keys that he had just used.

“The Lincoln Town Car is yours, too.”

Pepper accepted the keys and smiled slightly. “House, car, money in the bank…did I also happen to have a legit job that I wasn’t aware of?”

“Ah, of course. You happen to be the manager of a night club, strip joint. It’s completely clean and owned by an ‘associate’ of mine. You’re not on probation so there shouldn’t be any problems with that.” He slid a thick envelope at him. “Some walking around money.”

Pepper quickly counted up fifteen hundred dollars, which he promptly slipped into the pocket of his leather jacket. He looked at Big Don with confusion. “Don,” his voice was low, “house, bank account, car, a job…I expected the money and maybe some job at some second rate establishment but…” He looked his father dead in his eyes, something that even Donnie found tough to do.  “Is this something you do for everyone that serves time for you?”

Donnie responded in surprise. “Hey, Pepper…I don’t think you should be looking a gift horse-”

Pepper turned his intense dark eyes on him and although he looked nothing like the man that had offered the sperm to mold his creation, the look was just the same; cold disregard. In that moment, it was clear how both men has risen to the status of criminal—they could turn on that coldness at the drop of a dime.

Any further comments froze on Donnie’s lips.  It was unclear what thoughts had formed behind the pudgy man’s silence. It could have been the remembered image of Pepper disemboweling a man that had stolen from Big Don, or the time that he had punched a guy so hard that he blacked out but instead of walking away and leaving him Pepper had very deliberately stomped on the man’s face with his size thirteen Timberland boots.

Big Don had flashed Donnie a look meant to quiet him and in the end perhaps Donnie convinced himself that is the reason he had stopped talking.

“No, Pepper. I don’t do this for just any of my employees.” This time it was Big Don’s eyes that burned and Pepper looked away remembering that while they were two men cut from the same cloth, Big Don’s cloth was much bigger. “I know I owe you Pepper. Now we’re straight.”

Pepper reached for the stack of ownership papers thinking that they were far from being ‘straight’. They would never be straight. Never.

“Thank you.” He looked Don in the eyes again. “I don’t need payment for what I did for my family. Everything I did was because I wanted to do it.” This time Big Don looked away and it surprised Donnie.

He remembered being twelve years old and listening to his parents arguing from his hiding place at the top of the stairs.  Don had wanted some kid to come live with them. He heard his mother cursing for the first time ever. It had shocked him. Dad was the boss, mom was the peacemaker. But this time she was the one to lay down the law. She told him that she’d stayed with him despite the whoring around and the late nights and doing God-know-what. But if he thought he was going to bring one of his dead whore’s bastards into her home for her to raise, then he was out of his mind.

Donnie remembered his total shock at the revelation. And then Donnie tried to explain that the kid had just found his mother dead, but Donnie’s mother had simply explained that she’d pack up his family and leave. Period.

Donnie wasn’t sure who they were talking about but he suspected it was this black Mexican kid that ran errands for his Dad. He made it his business to get to know the kid…and instantly idolized him.

Pepper was  only a year older but it had seemed like more. Even at the age of 13 Pepper had a look that was solemn and mature. Later Donnie realized that it was a look of a kid that had never been a kid.

“Donnie!” He turned his attention back to his Dad. “Take Pepper to the club, and then show him where he lives.” He stood and shook Pepper’s hand. “I’ll be in touch, not too soon, but I will be contacting you. And Pepper…what you did wasn’t taken lightly. Thank you, son.”

Pepper’s eyes flickered momentarily. He finally smiled a smile that didn’t touch his eyes. “Thank you Don. This is very generous. I’ll talk to you later.”

The two men left. “You hungry, Bro?” Donnie asked.

Pepper shrugged. “I could eat.”

“The club is pretty upscale. I’m sure they can accommodate the boss. Give me the keys. I’ll drive.”

They got to the club and Pepper had indeed discovered something new in this city; this building. He began to wonder if Big Don hadn’t built it just for him…it wasn’t a comforting thought as one might think. After-all, a man creating a business for his illegitimate son would mean something significant. However the idea of it just left Pepper feeling hollow. If Big Don gave a shit about him he wouldn’t have left him to fend for himself on the streets alone after his mom had died. Like an idiot, he had thought he was going to come live with Don and Donnie—instead he had crashed wherever he could find a place.

When they entered the building, Pepper was further surprised. He had expected something sleazy and found a club that was a throwback to the fifties era gentlemen clubs. It was upscale and classy.

Donnie slapped the hand of a man that stood just inside the door. Pepper wasn’t sure if he was the doorman, bouncer or cashier. “You, Bucky, this is Pepper, the new manager.” Pepper slapped hands with the huge blak dude that looked like an ex-wrestler.

“Nice to meet you Pepper.”

“You the bouncer?”

“Yeah. Doorman really, but I work some security for the ladies.”

“You gotta see these bitches!” Donnie said hurrying him into the main room. It was pretty early so there wasn’t a crowd. One guy was sitting at the bar nursing a drink, two others had taken a table down on the floor and were silently watching the lone dancer; a beautiful woman who was swaying to some top forty song.

Damn. Pepper thought while blinking. She was wearing a g-string and a sexy smile. Nothing else. Her titties were perfect—maybe a bit too perfect. Long blond hair swung and then haloed her head while she gyrated sensually, before falling over her face. She looked up, focusing her attention on Pepper and Donnie and then showed them a flicker of her pierced tongue.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Donnie spoke. “You see those tits? I don’t even think those things are fake—not that I would give a shit either way, know what I mean?”  He led Pepper to the bar and Pepper had to forcibly turn his back to the stage. It had been a long five years and he had to concentrate on what was going down.

“Yo, Lane. This is Pepper.” He shook hands with the guy behind the bar. He was dressed in a white shirt and nice black slacks that looked classy.  “Lane runs this joint.”

“Pepper. It’s good to meet you.”

Pepper looked around. “Nice place you have here.”

“It’s not mine. It’s yours. But it does a good bit of business and we’ve only been open less than a month.”

Pepper took a seat on one of the barstools. “I’m just the manager but you’re the one that’s been running this place. And you say that business is good? What about during the day?”

“We’re not totally dead, even at lunch. The thing is, we have a pretty good menu and so it’s not unheard of to see guys taking their lunch here—lap dance on the side.” Lane chuckled. “You want something to drink?”

“Yeah a Guinness.” He replied.

“A Bud light. And can you get us a couple menus.” Donnie said.

The two ate steaks that to Pepper tasted like a little bit of heaven. He had two more beers that went down like water and they watched some of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen dance semi nude. Yes this felt like heaven.

“Which one?” Donnie asked.
”What?” Pepper looked at him questioningly.

“Which one do you want to fuck?” A new girl got on stage, even more beautiful than the last. Pepper was half erect already and had been at the first sight of a silicone boob.

“No way, man. The worst thing you could do is mess around at work.”

“Are you shitting me?! You don’t want none of that?”

Pepper stood up. "Come on, man. Show me where I live." A waitress walked by. Donnie grabbed her arm. The waitress recognized him and allow it. He whispered into her ear. The waitress put down her tray and threw her arms around Pepper happily.
Pepper looked at Donnie confused and reluctantly pulled the girl off of him. “What did you tell her?”
”That you had a grand in your wallet and that you haven’t fucked a woman in five years.”

“Come on sweetie.” The waitress cooed. “You’re really handsome.”

“And I’m really your boss. Come on let’s go Donnie.”

“Geez.” He grumbled, as they left the club. “The good show was just getting ready to start.” They got into the car.
Pepper gave Donnie a perturbed look but remained silent.

“Oh, alright.” Donnie huffed. “I’m sorry. Look, I’ll take you home. You relax. Tomorrow will hang out a bit-”

“Donnie, we’ll hang out in a couple days. I got some business to take care of.”

“Oh. Okay…” They reached a neat little house in a very nice neighborhood. They got out of the car and even though it was dark, Pepper was able to admire the oversized windows and neat patch of lawn. He unlocked the door.

Before being sent to prison, Pepper had lived in an upscale condo; modern, state of the art electronics but rather cold and impersonal. This house was different. While modern and good contemporary, it also had a touch of warmth while still holding a simplistic design that was full of character.

"Tell your mother I said she did a wonderful job."
"I will. I parked my car outback so I'm going to head out. Get a cell phone when you get a chance. You going to call me, right?”

"Right. Thanks man." He walked him out. He was relieved when Donnie was gone. He needed time to himself to consider all of the changes in his life.
He explored his new home, liking what he saw. He’d never had a house before...had never even lived in a house before. While his mother was alive they’d lived in the projects. And after her death he stayed with family, friends and once he’d even stayed in foster care. But every place he stayed was somewhere in the ghetto and every place he laid his head as a child was just an extension of the projects.

He pushed the thought away and took off his clothes. He went to the bathroom and ran himself a hot bath. Don's wife has even been kind enough to leave him soap and  shaving supplies. Pepper soaked in the steaming hot tub of water, sighing as the stress slipped away little by little.

He will still semi-erect. Peppered imagine the half nude women onstage and slowly stroked himself. He remembered the feel of the waitress’ firm body pressed against him. His stroke intensified. One woman in particular had caught his attention; not because she happened to be the prettiest, though she was nothing to sneeze at. But she was the only black woman dancing and she had what he liked; brown skin and a booyah ass!

Pepper groaned and the first shot of semen hit the of the tub as he pictured Miss Booyah’s bouncing ass.
When he got out the tub is seemed the last bit of stress had run down the drain. He dried off and padded into his bedroom naked. Ms. Shrege should be blessed as a saint, he thought as he looked at the feather bed.

He climbed between sheets that felt like fine Egyptian cotton and then turned on the television set that was across from the bed. He planned to get caught up on some cable movies but was asleep within seconds.


The next day Pepper dressed in his clothes from the day before and then he got into his gigantic car and drove to have breakfast at a diner that he used to frequent in the old days. The cook came out to chitchat with him about some of his old gang.

Jay was the only one he cared about right now. Jay was the closest person to a friend that Pepper had ever had in his solitary life. Plus, he was holding something for him.

He drove to his home. It was pretty early. Jay wasn’t too happy to be awakened before 9a.m. , that is until he set eyes or Pepper Pace.

“Mother fucker…” the young black man slapped him happily on the back. “When did you get out?” Why didn’t you call me, Man? I would have picked you up!” Get in the house, Man.”

Pepper smiled. “I got out yesterday and Donnie picked me up.”

“Shit man. Don’t tell me you going to be fucking around with that asshole again.”

“Nah, I’m legit right now.”

Jay scowled and then sat down before a coffee table and began rolling a joint. “Good. You know he running things over the river…or trying to. I know he’s your brother—” Jay eyed him carefully. “I also know there ain’t no love lost between y’all since the little bastard got you arrested. But his fat ass is going to wind up getting killed. The brothers over the river ain’t trying to have no little Hitler dictating to them. Plus he don’t know dick. He’s fucking up bad.” Jay lit the joint. “Take note, man. Your brother’s pissing off the wrong people.” He passed the joint to Pepper who declined.

Pepper snorted and shrugged. “Ain’t my business any more. I’ve taken my last fall for THE FAMILY. I got my own shit in mind.” Jay waited for him to continue. Pepper didn’t.

“You on parole, aren’t you?”

“No. But I can’t get caught up in any trouble for five years or I have to serve the rest of my term.” He frowned to himself. Five years was one thing but he wasn’t giving them Fifteen years… “I need my money and the rest of my shit.”

Jay put out his joint. “Come on, man.” They left the apartment but Pepper followed in how own car. They went to a bank where Jay had left his valuables in a safety deposit box. It contained money, some papers and a set of keys.

Pepper smiled. “Good looking out.” He slept hands with his friend.

“Keep in touch.” Jay left knowing that Pepper was on some type of mission and if he didn’t offer to tell him than it was some serious shit that he probably wouldn’t want to know.

Pepper drove to a different banking facility. He used the key to open another safety deposit box. This new box held even more cash. He deposited everything into it and locked it. Pepper didn’t believe the banks. The money that big Don had given him would probably sit in that account untouched.
Pepper drove to a storage facility and loaded some of his belongings into the car. Then he spent the rest of that day buying necessities including the cell phone that Donnie has suggested he get. He then went home and got settled.
Later that night he changed clothes and decided to go to the club. Bucky greeted him amiably. It was later in the evening than the last time he was there and there was a good-sized crowd, good for Wednesday.
Pepper ignored the strippers, not wanting the distraction and went to the bar. There was a different person working it tonight.

“Lane in tonight?”

The guy gestured to a door behind him. “In his office.” Pepper introduced himself and then found the manager.

Lane stood, surprised to see him return so soon. “Hey, my man.” They slapped hands. “I filled out your paper work. I just need you to sign it, and then I’ll show you around.”

“Sure. What do you want me to do around here?”

Lane frowned and looked uneasy. “This is your place, Pepper. Whatever you want to do.”

Pepper scanned the little office. It was messy; receipts and ledgers stood open. Then he looked at the small white man. Lane was young, energetic and seemed smart. He had done a heluva job with the club.

“What I want is for you to run this club.”

“Right.” Lane nodded his head.

“And I need to help you do it. What do you need me to do?”

Lane hesitated. “Uh…we’re short staffed. I need hands that work and not distractions and someone that I have to babysit.” The man’s face reddened but he met Pepper’s eyes in a defiant matter.

Pepper nodded. “What do you need me to do?”

Lane looked surprised. “Well, I need an evening bartender, we need security and we need more dancers.”

Pepper chuckled. “I can’t help you in the dancing department. I don’t know a thing about mixing drinks—although I can learn. But I have done security, and I have a degree in business as well as a degree in accounting.” Prison wasn’t a place where one went just to be punished and to workout. Some people made prison work for them and Pepper’s degrees was a testament to that.

“Jesus, Pepper…if you’re willing to work I will put you to work. I’m in desperate need of a bookkeeper, but security first. Some of the girls…” His words trailed off then he led him to a rear door. “Come on, I’ll show you the dressing room.”

Lane took him down a set of stairs that was accessible only from his office. “There’s sonly two entrances down to the dressing rooms; this one and the door behind the stage. I need security twenty-four seven to watch the stage. You’d be amazed at how many drunks try to get at the girls.” He stopped short at the door marking the entrance to the dressing room and gave Pepper a stern look.

“I might get my assed kicked for saying this, but hear me and hear me well; I won’t lead a wolf to the lambs…”

Pepper rarely found something to truly smile at but he smiled then.  “Good to know.”

“No one comes down here but me, security…and now you. And no one comes down without first knocking and announcing.” He rapped on the door. “Ladies! Make yourself decent. I want to introduce you to the new owner.”

Pepper frowned to himself. He would have to get that straightened out once and for all; but not now. Because if Don had made him owner of this establishment that paper work hadn’t been included with the other deeds and documents given to him.

"Come in!" Someone yelled.
When the door open, Pepper knew what he would need to do each and every day before coming to work; he would need to jerk off.

There were seven women in the room in various stages of undress. Pepper put on his poker face. Hell, he was going to have to get laid if he expected to work a job like this.

A blond woman with swollen, oversized breasts was rubbing something on her nipples and the sight of it was so sexy that his knees began to weaken. Pepper felt the blood rush to his dick. He averted his eyes as she applied a pastee to the wet nipple.
”Ladies, this is Pepper Pace. You’re going to see him doing security, behind the bar and probably a lot of other things, okay?”
”Damn. He’s fine.” One of the women spoke. Pepper ignored it.

"Ladies, it's nice to meet you all. I'm pretty good with names but it might take a while for me to remember you all. So if you see me, I would appreciate you coming up and introducing yourselves, and you’ll see me doing the same.”

A tall beautiful redhead walked up to him boldly. She was dressed in a translucent catsuit.
"Hello Pepper," she purred, "I'm Kara, my stage name is Honey.”

Pepper ignored her nudity as best he could. He felt he was being tested by Honey as he most likely would be tested by each others.
Gallantly he took her hand and squeezed it ginger. ”Honey, I am sure that you are as sweet as your name implies. It’s nice to meet you.” He looked past her. “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for any of you.”
Then there were many lewd comments that caused his face to color.

"Now look what you did." Lane joked. "Remember. These are vixens." He spoke to the roomful of women. "Okay you vixens, I want you to all come up and introduce yourselves. And please, be on your best behavior.”
Pepper was sure to get each woman a personal compliment. The day before must have been a fluke because the majority of the women were either black or Hispanic, which made it that much more difficult; being surrounded by women that looked like models standing before him naked, ‘accidentally’ crashing various body parts against him--especially the ones with brown skin in J-Lo asses.

His dick was already in pain, but when Kitten came up to him things got worse. She was the black lady with the booyah ass that he seen the day before...and the night before in his fantasy.
”I’m Kitten,” she said simply. She was wearing black thigh highs and garter along with a sexy negligee that barely covered that perfect ass. Wearing spiked heels, she was easily over 6 feet tall. Her skin was dark; just like he liked, and her mid sized tits moved freely unlike her coworker’s medically enhanced ones. She had micro mini braids pulled back into a twist at the top of her had. 

But it was her ass that did it for him. It was shaped like a teardrop and the thought of his hands holding down, kneading them, sent Pepper’s mouth watering.

“Kitten?” Her beauty was simple, even hard to find by someone who cared about blonde hair blue eyes only. But he was instantly attracted to her. He took her hand. “Do you purr?”

Then to his surprise she did and then simply walked away. Pepper had two more girls to meet and rushed through it. If he didn't get out of this basement soon he was going to have a tent in his pants!

Lane take him back upstairs, this time using the stairs that led behind the stage. There he met three more girls. Thankfully Lane took him back to meet the kitchen staff next, which gave him the opportunity to settle himself.
Pepper and Lane sat in back and ate and drank a late dinner, getting to know each other better.
”I have to admit Pepper. I expected you just to show up and pick up paycheck.”
”I don’t blame you.” Pepper chewed a piece of buttered bread. “I don’t have a stake in this place.” Despite the fact that Lane believed he owned it.  Pepper pushed his plate away, full, satisfied. “But I need a job and for now I’m at your disposal.”

The music grew jazzy, yet upbeat; kind of a jazz hip-hop fusion. Pepper looked toward the stage in time to see Kitten. She was a moving in a fluid way that looked like sensual ballet. She pulled a clasp from the twist of her ponytail and her hair fell over her face and body in black spidery tendrils. Kitten’s tall body spun in a pirouette…then the music stopped and when it restarted away and then the music stopped and when it restarted, it was a loud cutting hip hop beat.

The pirouette transformed into a n urban street spin that ended in Kitten’s posterior facing the crowd and doing a hard bounce that caused her buttocks to vibrate in time to the beat. Applause went up and several hoots and hollers.

“Shit…” Pepper said. By the time her set was complete, Kitten had easily collected a hundred dollars.

“She’s awesome.” Lane said in affirmation to Pepper’s obvious admiration.  “Come on.” They stood. “When they give lap dances security should be within arms reach but not like…obvious. Its different when they’re in the private rooms. When you’re working security I want each customer to see you before they step into the room. Run down the rules each time they go in—even if it two or three times a night.” He led Pepper to a series of private rooms. Bucky was standing next to them looking huge and menacing.

"Bucky will run down the spiel. I need to finish up some office work. This is the time of night when the drunks get out of hand and we really need the added security. As huge as you are, dude this is where I’ll be needing you for the time being.”

“Where ever.” Pepper replied nonchalantly. “Like I said earlier; just let me know where I’m needed.”

When Lane was gone he and Bucky talked at length about the intimidation factor.
Pepper took off his leather jacket. He was wearing a white nylon muscle shirt. The tats on his biceps made the muscles stand out even more. Even Bucky, who was huge gave him a look of admiration.

“I don’t think you’re going to have to work at trying to intimidate anyone, my man. Those are some cold tats. Where’d you get those done?”

“Prison.” Buck looked at him candidly.

“Yeah.” He showed Pepper his first with a tribal tat covering the knuckles and traveling up and around his wrist. “Prison about ten years ago. How much time you serve, man?”

“Five. What about you?”

“Eight.” Their eyes met knowingly.

“Did Malcolm do that tat?” Pepper asked.

Bucky’s eyes flashed. “You know it! That old mother fucker still around? Damn! He does some good work.”

“Yeah. He is an old bastard. You tell him what you want and he tells you what HE wants to give you. Then you better like it.” Both men laughed. There was more than one good tattoo artist in the pen, but Malcolm worked on blacks and Hispanics. Aryans had their own people but he heard tales of Malcolm secretly putting swastikas on guys in the ‘brotherhood’.

The men spent some time sharing stories and in that time a true friendship was born. Pepper was actually having a good time working security. He especially enjoyed running the rules down to the clients and watching the fear in their eyes at the sight of him. In prison he never sought that look from any of the other inmates. The outside was different…the look of fear meant something different.

“In the office are a series of monitors. If you have a doubt, check out the monitor. But I’ll tell you, a lot of these girls are getting money on the side prostituting. Its not allowed but we generally turn a blind eye to the minor stuff. This ain’t a ho house and we can’t let the girls treat it like that. But some of them got families; kids—”

“Drug addictions?”

“No. Drug addicts get the boot. They cause too many problems. Now I don’t know what your policy is going to be, but I generally don’t care if a client offers a few dollars more to get a BJ or hand job. What I don’t like seeing is any insertion; fingers, tongues, dick, whatever. The girls that do that kind of thing will offer you a cut. I don’t know what your take is on it but I want no parts of it and I have no problem putting a stop to it.”

Pepper’s mind drifted back to a time when his mother used to do whatever was necessary to keep them fed and that meant that the pretty half Spanish, half black woman resorted to selling her body. But all too soon, keeping them fed took a back seat to keeping drugs in her body.

He frowned. “I don’t intend to see this place get shut down for illegal prostitution. If they want to fuck for money outside these door then that’s their business. Once inside I don’t want a see a dick in someone’s hand or mouth.” Bucky nodded his understanding.

All in all the work was pretty boring. He got to watch a lot of stripping and did toss an unruly customer out. Mostly he just reminded guys not to touch.
The waitress that had hugged him yesterday approached him again.

“Hi boss,” she said sarcastically. “You want something…” to drink?”

“Pepper.” He said simply.


“My name. Its Pepper, not Boss, not mister, not sir. Just Pepper. I don’t want anything to drink.”

She gave him an appraising look. “Nice to meet you Pepper. I’m Sandy. Yu know…if you want to have some fun-”

“Sandy,” he said sharply. “Let me make this clear, I’m not interested.”

“Gay…” she muttered knowingly.

“Not even remotely.” She looked at him silently and than huffed angrily and stalked away.

Bucky laughed. “Smart move. I screwed her last year and she tried to manipulate me like we had a thing. I couldn’t shake her for week.”

“Believe me, Bucky,” pepper looked at the half nude women. “I have no desire to involve myself with anybody here…no matter how bodacious the ass or desirable the titties.” They both laughed.

Pepper stayed that night until after closing, then he escorted the girls safely to their cars, those that didn't already have escorts of the paying sort.
When he finally got back to the house it was after 3 o’clock in the morning. Still, he wasn’t too tired to think about the image of Candy Cane’s titties poking through the black mesh of her bodysuit or Kitten’s ass bouncing rapidly to the beat of hip-hop music.
Pepper gripped his erection and quickly bought himself to satisfaction. He showered quickly, washing the smoke and stench from his body. Then and only then was he able to finally sleep.
The next day he called Donny. “Meet me at the club tonight at six. I’ll buy you dinner.” Pepper renewed his membership at the gym. He spent the morning there and went home.
Pepper dressed in a navy muscle shirt and black slacks. He slipped on his leather jacket and headed back to the club.
”This job is gravy.” Donnie said while stuffing his mouth full of pork chops. “This is the type of job I should have had.”
Pepper sipped his beer silently. A half nude dancer walked by and Donnie slapped her ass sharply. When she yelped he showed a bill into her G-string.

“Easy bro. Don’t bruise the merchandise.” Pepper chastised.
Donnie shrugged. “You get any of this yet?”

Pepper rubbed his clean-shaven cheek. “What did I tell you about screwing around at work? Bad news, man.”

"I can't fucking believe you didn't get any of this yet! Man I'm starting to believe you really do turn fag in jail!"
"I tell you what,” Pepper responded calmly. “You find me a woman that don't work here, I'll fuck her without a thought." Pepper stood and walked away.
He joined Bucky at the private rooms. Within minutes it got a little freaky. One of the girls tried to offer him money to look the other way.

"I'm not a pimp, lady. Don't ever ask me to look the other way again." He pointed to a weasley looking man. "You, buddy have 10 seconds to get out of here.” Pepper set his cold eyes on her next. “And you have 5 seconds to get the hell out of my face.”

They didn't waste anytime leaving the scene.
Still, he had an odd feeling. "Who's in the room?" He asked Bucky.
"Just Precious. And TeeTee’s in that other one.”

"I'm going to check the monitors." He said were heading for the office.
Lane was working behind the bar again. "What's up?" He asked when he saw the expression or Peppers face.
”I want to check the monitors.”

In the office there was only one monitor but he figured out there was a way to change channels.
He saw that Precious was behaving herself but Tee Tee was giving some guy a BJ. He shook his head with a frown. Pepper scanned the other cameras but didn't see anything. He went back onto the floor a little relieved.

An hour later Honey approached him. "I need to speak to you," she hissed, but there was a fear in her eyes despite the hardiness in her words. That unsettled feeling returned. He followed Honey back to the office and down the stairwell which led down to the dressing room. Huddled on the floor was a figure. A blanket was thrown over the person’s shoulders.

Quickly he kneeled beside the girl. He was shocked to see that it was Kitten.

“Shit! What happened to her?”

“Ask her yourself!” Then Honey stomped away. “Take her home since you’re the security,” Honey called over her shoulder and Pepper felt suddenly sick that he’d overlooked something.

“What happened?” He asked. Kitten just covered her face. Pepper sighed. “Can you stand?” She slowly shook her head no. He couldn’t see her face. Was she fucked up on drugs? He sighed, disappointed for some unfathomable reason.

“Do you want me to take you home?” She didn’t respond. “Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

“No.” She mumbled through what sounded like swollen lips.

He swooped her into his arms and then carried her back to the office where he could at least see. The corridor was dark, only enough light to keep you from tripping down the stairs. Pepper was suddenly fearful. What in the hell was going on here? Why had Honey gotten him and not Bucky or Lane?

Pepper had seen a back door that lead out of the bar. He looked down at her and got a shock at the sight of her swollen eyes. Both of them were black and she looked like she was out cold! He didn’t think, he just headed out of the back office door and to the rear of the parking lot.

He quickly unlocked the door to his Lincoln and carefully placed the still form into the front seat. He cursed under his breath at his dumb luck. For a moment he thought he had just been dealing with a junky; stripper/drug overdose went hand in hand. That would have been better than this; because Kitten had been beaten, and pretty badly if she wasn’t conscious. That pissed him off because this was on his watch!

He pulled out of the parking lot, periodically looking at the girl, touching her neck for a sign of a pulse. Well she wasn’t dead. Pepper headed towards the hospital and then remembered that he had just gotten out of prison…fuck! He pulled over to the side of the road.

“Kitten?” He lightly tapped her cheek. “Kitten?!” Damn, why didn’t he know her real name?!

She started to come around. Immediately her eyes flashed and she sank into the seat away from his fearfully.

“I’m not taking you the hospital until I know what happened to you because there is going to be police involved.”

Kitten shook her head quickly. “No. No police; home,” she managed through her swollen lips. Immediately her head began to sink to her chest.

“Hey! Where do you live? SHIT!” She was unconscious again. Pepper pulled the car back into traffic and headed to his house.

It wasn’t quite midnight. He didn’t think he’d be seen carrying an unconscious girl into his hoe. But if she died…he was fucked. He looked down into her face as he kicked the front door shut after him. You better not die on me, he thought with a mixture of fear…and something else.

He carried her into his bedroom and lay her on top of the comforter. The jacket parted.
Oh shit. She's been dressed in some black nylon short dress and should have been wearing bikini bottoms or a g-string. She wasn't. The dress was ripped up the front and he could see the beginnings of deep on her breast and les. Her face was covered in bruises.

It looked like a bad trick. How many times had he seen this growing up? He knew what to do. He went to the kitchen and made an ice pack out of a dish towel. A bag of frozen peas worked best but Mrs. Schrege had neglected to provide hem while decorating.

He also got a cold, wet cloth to bring her awake. He sat on the side of the bed and gently dabbed at her face. His throat grew tight at the nostalgia of his of his action. His eyes swept over her coldly. She really was perfectly put together. Not that it mattered. She was a whore and he detested whores.

Had he just thought of her as beautiful? He roughly pulled the comforter over her nude body hiding it from sight.

“Kitten.” Again he lightly patted her cheek. “You need to wake up. Kitten.”

Her eyes opened suddenly. This time she didn’t move when she saw Pepepr. “Youre in my house. I didn’t know where you lived. I have to check you for something broken. You understand?”

She nodded, eyes already glazing.

“Does your head hurt?”

She nodded. Gingerly he reached behind her and felt the back of her head. She winced. Her made her turn her head aside while he looked at the area. It wasn’t bleeding, Thank God. Gently he turned her head back to him. He looked into her eyes, not dilated. Then why was she running in and out of consciousness?

“Did you take something?”

She nodded. “Ecstasy.”

He didn’t respond but he did pull the comforter away to reveal her nudity again.

“If your ribs are broken you’ll have to go to the hospital. This might hurt.” Firmly he ran his fingertips down her side. She squirmed and he looked at her quickly. She was trying to suppress a giggle and it surprised him.

“Ticklish?” She nodded, her smile falling away immediately when he removed his fingers from her side. Her eyes began to glaze again. “Kitten! Stay with me now. Where else does it hurt?”

“Everywhere,” she managed. “Mouth.” He draped the comforter back over her body, finding her breasts to be too much of a distraction.

“Who did this to you, Kitten?” She didn’t speak.

“A john?” her eyes flashed anger which surprised him.

“Not a prostitute.” It sounded like nah-a-pra si sute.

“Then who?” He waited a long time before she finally spoke.


Pepper’s mouth dropped. “What…? Donnie Shrege?” She cringed away from the anger in his voice but she did nod. Pepper cursed and then calmed. “I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you. Just…why? Why did he do this?”

“Not have sex with him,” she said clearly. Pepper picked up the icepack and placed it carefully on her swollen eye.

“Did he rape you?”

Kitten paused and then nodded. Her good eye closed and tear rolled down her face.

Pepper closed his eyes too.


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    1. Awesome, thanks Amber. I've never shared this story with anyone until now so I'm especially happy that you are enjoying it. At one time I was very addicted to 'revenge stories'. I was going to write a series of them. Uh...I was going through a period in my life when getting revenge...well lets just say that I grew out of it, lol.

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